Moving on

After two lovely years at my current job, I’m moving on. Although it’s always sad to leave things behind, it’s going to give me time to focus on getting some plugins that have been on the sidelines published and verifying existing plugins for the latest version of WordPress to get them back into the listings. Many thanks to everyone who’s downloaded them and given such strong ratings, it’s lovely to see so much support.

In the meantime, a hat-tip to two collaborations that have credited me, AJAX Post Meta and Export to InDesign, both of which I highly recommend.

Guardian Student Media Awards 2014

I was recently lucky enough to return to the Guardian Student Media Awards for a second year, this time to support my very own who were shortlisted from student media outlets across the country for ‘Student website of the year’ following my redesign of the website around Bootstrap and a host of custom WordPress plugins. Although we were beaten by another WordPress site, I’m incredibly proud of the new web team and the content being produced within the new design. And there’s always next year!

Using Wi-Fi, 3G and Eye-Fi for DSLR photo uploading on the move

As a student journalist, one of my big problems was getting content online quickly. This was paramount with liveblogging, but we had no easy way of getting content off memory cards quickly.

Enter Eye-Fi, a wi-fi memory card marketed primarily for home use. There’s definite reasons for this. It lacks WPA2 Enterprise support, preventing it from using any corporate networks, and it requires a computer to setup for each new wi-fi network (which must also be available and Internet connected at the time). Within its limits however, an Eye-Fi card is an effective tool.

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Photography Society

One of my favourite projects has been working on the University’s Photography Society website, and it’s also the one which lead me to get involved in WordPress initially. Back in 2009 when I took over as President, the website was in a bit of a sorry state and running a rather dated Kubrick-based theme, so I began to teach myself about WordPress to develop it. While I’m still pretty chuffed with the design we replaced it with, the things that have really stood the test of time over the past 4 years is the code behind it all.

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I’ve been working with Michael Smith on after a move from a proprietary CMS to WordPress. The project has included:

  • Recovering 1,800 articles from a 3rd party CMS with no database access
  • Reducing page generation times from over 6 seconds to 0.2 seconds on average
  • Writing 2 plugins to replace the rather lacking alternatives (to be released shortly)
  • Discovering 1 serious plugin exploit
  • …and writing countless lines of code to produce an end result to be proud of. has now been entered for the Guardian Student Media Awards 2011.