Photography Society

One of my favourite projects has been working on the University’s Photography Society website, and it’s also the one which lead me to get involved in WordPress initially. Back in 2009 when I took over as President, the website was in a bit of a sorry state and running a rather dated Kubrick-based theme, so I began to teach myself about WordPress to develop it. While I’m still pretty chuffed with the design we replaced it with, the things that have really stood the test of time over the past 4 years is the code behind it all.

For the society to run, we needed two main things: a mailing list and a bookings system. While the site did have a basic mailing list system, it just provided a list of emails and nothing more. I replaced this with a bespoke solution that leveraged WordPress’ own strengths, giving admins the option to send out new blog posts as emails at the point of publishing with rich media content. Bookings proved more tricky, as no plugin solutions existed, so I wrote two systems, one for equipment and another for the society’s darkrooms. Although not a marvel of UI design, they have been running continuously for the past 4 years without fail, only requiring work to update cosmetic issues and becoming a cornerstone of the society’s operations.

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